What is Emsella™?

Emsella offers an innovative solution to treat urinary incontinence. By employing electromagnetic therapy in its safe, quick, and effective treatment regime designed to restore control over bladder strength and pelvic strength, Emsella restores confidence and comfort for individuals living with urinary incontinence. Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss is your go-to Emsella for incontinence clinic TX, as we have been treating patients in Portland and Corpus Christi, delivering effective results and transforming the lives of thousands of patients over the years.

The Science Behind Emsella™

Emsella utilizes electromagnetic technology to stimulate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, with each session offering the equivalent of 400 Kegel exercises per minute, leading to comprehensive muscle engagement and reeducation. Furthermore, unlike traditional methods, Emsella offers uniform contraction/lift sensation across the pelvic area for enhanced therapeutic effectiveness.

Treatment Process and Effectiveness

Emsella sessions are noninvasive, painless treatments designed for urinary incontinence, typically lasting about 25 minutes each. We suggest attending two Emsella treatments each week over three weeks as the recommended treatment plan; clinical studies have demonstrated a 100% response rate among participants; results can show substantial improvements within just several visits!

Benefits of Emsella™ Treatment

Noninvasive: Emsella™ offers a non-surgical alternative to traditional treatments for urinary incontinence.
No Side Effects: Patients experience minimal to no side effects, making it a safe option for individuals seeking relief from incontinence.
Effective: Emsella™ has been proven more effective than Kegel exercises and provides long-lasting results, with treatments typically lasting 9-12 months after completing six sessions.

Who Can Qualify for Emsella™ Treatment?

Emsella therapy is suitable for anyone experiencing stress- or urge urinary incontinence or overflow incontinence due to involuntary bladder overfilling. There are no age limitations; both women and men can benefit from Emsella treatment.

Why Choose Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss as Your Emsella™ for Incontinence Clinic TX?

Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss is a renowned Emsella for incontinence clinic in TX with compassionate care and friendly service from an experienced team led by Dr. Dale Eubank. Through comprehensive therapy approaches that extend beyond treatment sessions alone, our focus has always been to empower individuals with tools for long-term pelvic floor health and ensure patient satisfaction.
Emsella offers revolutionary treatments for urinary incontinence, offering safe, noninvasive options that deliver proven results. Emsella’s groundbreaking technology and proven results give hope to those struggling with urinary incontinence; choose Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss for personalized care tailored specifically to you and comprehensive approaches tailored specifically for you.

Do not let urinary incontinence control your life – contact Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss today and book a consultation to regain control and self-assurance!


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