Valentine's Gifts to Treat Your Loved One With


Treat Your Partner and Yourself This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be wanting to treat your loved one to something special this year. If you want it to be something that will not only produce great memories, but have long-term positive effects, you should consider a spa or wellness treatment.

Couple’s massage

Couples’ massages are great for both parties. Whether a deep-tissue massage or a Swedish massage, couples are able to have the experience that benefits themself while still enjoying time with their partner. The relaxing, stress-relieving activity is not only great during, but has been shown to have benefits afterwards. Couples have been shown to be more emotionally open post-couple’s massage.


Facials can be relaxing, preventative, or a solution to a perceived problem your partner has. Before booking a facial, consider your partner’s needs. Do they need something suited for acne prevention, or would they enjoy something that treats sagging skin, like ThermiSmooth? This is also another activity you could schedule for the both of you, or simply something you treat your loved one to. 

Flotation Bath

This is probably one of the more unique spa experiences you could offer a loved one. Flotation Baths involve a tank of water and Epsom salt. Due to the high salt content, your body floats at the top of the water. The water is regulated to your body temperature, allowing you to totally disconnect and relax. These treatments have been shown to reduce stress, speed muscle recovery, reduce tension headaches, and more.


Post-childbirth, many women experience issues with stimulation and incontinence. Treat yourself (and your partner) by addressing these issues with the O-Shot. The procedure is non-invasive and has been shown to treat sensitivity, lubrication, incontinence, and more. It is a safe, effective procedure that works well for women of all ages. 

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