Spring Skin Care Tips


Take Care of Your Skin this Spring

While winters in Corpus Christi are quite temperate, there is still a clear difference in our weather between the two seasons, and with that weather change should come a skincare change. Your skincare routine should not remain the same season to season, whether it means adding or removing something from your regimen. Below are a few key ways to transition your skincare to adapt to the warmer months of the year.

Start by spring cleaning your products

Like anything else, beauty products have a shelf-life. Check your skin care, moisturizers, and makeup for expiration dates and toss them out accordingly. If you can’t find these markings, smell the product or test it on the back of your hand to ensure it feels the way it should. For products like washcloths, sponges, and brushes, give them a thorough clean and consider throwing out the oldest in your collection.

Change to a lighter moisturizer

To combat the drier air that comes with winter, many of use start using a heavier, thicker cream and/or oil. However, as the temperatures rise, those formulas are not good to apply to sweaty skin. For those with naturally oily skin/larger pores, this can lead to acne. As humidity increases, use a lighter moisturizer that will more easily absorb into the skin. Consider picking a moisturizer that has higher SPF than your previous option, as the UV rays are stronger in the warmer months.



For those with naturally dryer skin, exfoliation can lead to even more dryness. As humidity and warmth increases in the spring, exfoliating becomes a great way to brighten dull skin. If you’re on a budget, an at-home physical exfoliation will certainly do the trick, but if you have the means, consider a facial or even a peel. Just don’t over do it– exfoliating once a week is usually plenty.



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