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I am so grateful I found this place! Since I began the weight loss program in August I have lost 52 pounds. The program is realistic and easy to follow and the nurses I’ve worked with have been so amazing! Their encouragement and advice has helped me get this far. I highly recommend this program if you have struggled in the past on your own.

Janae L.

Most definitely recommend them!!! Very helpful on many different issues women face. Contact them today.

Sandra J. S.

Who says women don’t keep up with men on weight loss? I have lost 72 lbs in 4 months and I feel amazing! Thank you for showing me what I need to do to live a healthy lifestyle!!!

Cynthia S.D.

I have been so happy with my decision to participate in Dr. Eubank’s weight loss program. I have lost 50 pounds and gained much better eating and lifestyle habits. I was so surprised with how easy the program was to follow and how dramatic the results were. I was able to get off of my meds, stop using my CPAP, get my hypertension under control, and score within the range required to get the better health insurance plan. My friends and family tell me I look like a different person (they joke that I am half the man I was). I can say that I do feel like a different person. I have not had this much energy since I was in school (30 years ago). Thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful experience I have had. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a very doable program that delivers life changing results.

Jay M.

This clinic was a game changer for me. I gained so much knowledge of how I could change my habits. I felt like I already knew a lot, but there was more I could learn, and accountability with weekly check-ins provided more motivation than one can expect.

I needed someone to help me kick start the change, and they did! On average people lose 25-30 pounds. It is not easy because it requires self discipline. I had great success and continued the program and have lost about 60 pounds now! I feel, and look, like an entirely different person.

DD and SB

I’ve lost almost 60 pounds. The staff is amazing, supportive and helpful. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Shannon C.

In the last 5 years, my participation in various weight control programs had been disappointingly unsuccessful. However, Dr. Eubank’s weight loss program has been AMAZING!! While following this program during this past 12 week period that included Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year festivities, I LOST 20 lbs. …TRULY AMAZING…

Shirlee C.

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Lose Significant Weight In 14 days With Semaglutide!

Lose Significant Weight In 14 days With Semaglutide!

Semaglutide has taken the world by storm with it's ability to help you lose weight easily. Patients have felt a complete loss of appetite after taking semaglutide. Semaglutide might be the best weight loss solution for you!  We offer a free consultation to determine...

A New Way of BodySculpting For a New You

A New Way of BodySculpting For a New You

SculpSure is a safe and effective light-based treatment that precisely targets fat cells under the skin. In just 15 minutes, the procedure can permanently destroy up to 24% of treated fat. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body. Results are seen as quickly as in six weeks, and optimal results are typically seen at 12 weeks. Since there is no recovery time with SculpSure, patients can return to normal activities immediately.

Weight Loss With Semaglutide

Weight Loss With Semaglutide

Semaglutide has been a game changer for anybody looking to lose weight and improve the quality of daily life. Proven as a highly effective weight loss method, this non-habit-forming medication has gained popularity for pushing medical advancements to new heights. After gaining FDA approval in 2021 for combating obesity and overweight in adults, the health optimization benefits it offers started to emerge.