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What is Emsella™? 

“A Safe, Quick and Effective Electromagnetic Therapy for treating urinary incontinence.”

Gone is your embarrassment. No longer will anyone have to worry about accidental incontinence thanks to Emsella. As a renowned Emsella for Incontinence Clinic TX, we have been treating patients for years with this innovative treatment, and our patients have experienced significant improvement in urinary incontinence and returned to their regular lifestyles with confidence and comfort.

With Emsella at Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, patients sit fully clothed in comfortable chair. Relaxation is the rule as Emsella sends therapeutic fields to the pelvic floor muscles of your bod. This treatment is NON-INVASVIVE, causes no side effects, and is very fast. Each session lasts approximately twenty-five minutes. Dr. Dale Eubank recommends two sessions per week for a three week period.

The treatment is painless.

Emsella treats Incontinence and urine Leakage without pain or side effects. It is a great replacement for adult diapers and has proven to be more effective than Kegal exercises!


Understanding Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) in women can occur as the result of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or obesity – with its prevalence and severity typically growing with age. There are various forms of urinary incontinence, such as stress urinary incontinence (leaking when coughing or sneezing occurs) and urge urinary incontinence (recurring urges to urinate that cannot be controlled); individuals may even experience various combinations or variations thereof depending on individual circumstances – further compounding its complexity!

Emsella Treatment: Targeted Relief

Emsella, approved by the FDA to treat urinary incontinence, utilizes electromagnetic technology to stimulate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, providing 400 Kegel exercises per minute. Unlike traditional muscle stimulation methods such as electrical or massage, Emsella provides uniform contraction/lift sensation across all pelvic areas, guaranteeing full muscle engagement. We, a premier Emsella for incontinence clinic in TX, now offer tailored solutions for women of all ages based on their age and specific conditions.

Ideal Candidates and Treatment Benefits

Emsella treatment may benefit individuals suffering from urinary incontinence due to stress or urge. Emsella may provide some relief in cases where overflow incontinence arises due to involuntary bladder overfilling due to loss of sensation for urination.

Our goal with Emsella is to treat incontinence early so surgery is not necessary. The chair uses electromagnetic energy to engage all the muscles of the pelvic floor at once. It essentially causes 11,000 kegals in a 20-minute session.

We also have patients reporting secondary benefits like increased strength of orgasms.

Dr. Dale Eubank

Medical Director, Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss

Emsella Treatments Show a 100% Response Rate!

Urinary incontinence affects both men and women of all ages. It can create pyschological and even certain physiological conditions that cause harm and stress to your body and sense of well-being.  Our team at Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss will help you with any questions you may have. It’s time to live without fear of Incontinence!

Emsella treats Incontinence and urine Leakage without pain or side effects. It is a great replacement for adult diapers and has proven to be more effective than Kegal exercises!

Comprehensive Therapy Approach with Expert Emsella for Incontinence Clinic TX

Emsella therapy goes far beyond treatment sessions alone; patients receive breathing instructions, diaphragm contraction monitoring and additional movement exercises designed to augment its effects. Substantial improvements in urinary incontinence symptoms often become evident within just a few visits of using Emsella, underscoring its success at improving overall pelvic floor health while raising quality-of-life standards.

Emsella therapy strives to equip its patients with the knowledge and tools for long-term pelvic floor health by offering targeted treatments and comprehensive care – an integrative solution for managing urinary incontinence while improving overall well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Emsella Work?

Emsella employs High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control. A single Emsella session results in thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions – crucial steps towards muscle re-education for incontinent patients.

How Long Do Emsella Results Last?

Emsella treatments typically last 9-12 months after completing six sessions in total.

Is Emsella Worth the Money?

Studies have proven that Emsella can improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI) with pad usage reduction.

Minimal to no side effects, and you can walk in and out within one day – all while remaining fully clothed during treatment on Emsella.

Does Emsella Make You Tighter?

Many patients can experience results after just one session of Emsella; however, for optimal and lasting results, we generally advise multiple sessions to achieve lasting and significant effects. Your age and needs will ultimately dictate this recommendation. While results do vary between patients, benefits include tighter vaginal canal space.

Is Emsella Painful?

No. At most, you will experience mild tingling or pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Emsella?

Emsella treatments could be right for you if any of the following apply to you;

  • Do you experience urine loss while coughing, sneezing or engaging in physical activities such as sports?
  • Have you been visiting the bathroom frequently?
  • Are you anxious about sexual activities and exercises that might leak?
How Do You Sit for Emsella Treatment?

Sit upright, with legs slightly apart and feet flat on the floor.

What Is the Age Limit for Emsella?

No age restrictions exist when using Emsella. Its approval by the FDA covers both males and females of all ages suffering from stress-incontinence-related issues such as urge urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence.

Who Can Not Use the Emsella Chair?

Since this technology relies upon magnetic therapy, those with metal implants or pacemakers or who are pregnant may not be suitable candidates for treatment using an Emsella chair.

Does Incontinence Get Worse After Emsella?

Current evidence does not demonstrate any correlation between Emsella use and increased incontinence symptoms.

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Emsella: Before and After

Emsella: Patient Testimonial

FDA Approved! | Remain Fully Clothed! | Non-Invasive!

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