Exercises to do with a Partner



Exercises to do with a partner

For many people, exercise motivation comes from working with a friend or a significant other. Keep motivated by finding exercises to complete together. Get inspired by a few below.



Rotational Medicine Ball Transfer

Stand back to back with her partner and twist at the waist to transfer the medicine ball to them as quickly as possible. Set a timer and repeat this action until time is up. If you want to mix things up, face one another and pass the ball over your head while doing a lunge

Use a Stretchband

Both of you plant your feet firmly and hold opposite ends of the stretchband. With the tension of the other person holding the band taut, pull the band towards you and get a bicep workout.

Jump Rope Trade-Off

Jumping rope is a fun, exhausting way to get a workout in. Set a timer and jump until the timer is up, then pass it off to your partner and repeat as many times as you’d like!

Passing Runs

No equipment, no problem. Go for a run with your partner and alternate who passes the other. Jog, and when your partner passes you break out into a sprint to get past them! It not only gets a good exercise in, but a little friendly competition.

Body Weight Squat

Grasp your partner’s forearms in your hands and ask them to do then same. Then bend your knees to lower your body into a squat at the same time. Hold the squat for as long as you can, or do this workout in cycles– up for five, down for five.

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