Hormone Pellet Therapy

Could natural hormones make you feel more like yourself?

Absolutely, natural hormones play an essential part in our physical and emotional well-being. When our hormonal balance becomes disrupted due to factors like age or medical issues, this may result in many uncomfortable or distressful symptoms that require medical intervention to resolve. Restoring these natural hormones can make you feel like yourself again. Hormone pellet therapy, for instance, may help alleviate some of the challenges associated with menopause or andropause – like mood swings, fatigue and low energy. Restore hormonal levels to their healthy balance, and individuals often notice significant improvements in mood, energy levels, cognitive function and overall vitality. Restoring hormone balance can be transformative, helping people rediscover themselves while increasing their quality of life.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy is a life-changing procedure that consists of hormone treatments in the form of pellets that are placed under the patient’s skin. These pellets are chemically identical to the hormones your body produces every day. This treatment is safe, effective and has been used for over 70 years!

Safe and Effective for Men and Women

Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss offers this hormone pellet therapy for men and women who may have experienced decreased energy and hormone loss as they age.  This form of hormone treatment has grown in popularity significantly over the last decade in both the United States and Europe!

hormone pellet therapy for women and men

How is hormone pellet therapy different from other forms of hormone therapy?

Unlike traditional hormone therapy methods such as pills or topical applications, hormone pellet therapy stands out for its unique delivery system. The pellets used in hormone pellet therapy are custom-compounded to match the individual’s specific hormonal needs, ensuring a more personalized and effective treatment. These pellets, which contain hormones like estrogen and testosterone, are implanted under the skin, typically in the hip area. The slow and steady absorption of hormones into the bloodstream provides patients with a continuous and consistent level of hormone output for up to four months. Hormone pellet therapy has quickly gained in popularity for its precision, effectiveness and long-term relief it offers those struggling with hormonal imbalances. 

There are a variety of conditions and ailments that  hormone pellet therapy can treat, particularly for men and women over 40.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy Treatments

• Improved sexual desire
• Decreased frequency and strength or cessation of hot flashes and night sweats
• Increased energy
• Improved cognitive function (clearer thinking)
• Improved sleep
• Relief of vaginal dryness/painful intercourse
• Increased bone mineral density
• Improved urinary function
• Increased ability to cope with stress
• Decreased heart disease
• Improved blood sugar and insulin levels
• Reduction of fat levels
• Increased self-assurance and self-confidence
• Improved mood and well-being
• Improvement in skin, hair and/or nails
• Reduction in migraine headaches

hormone pellet therapy

Why Us?

Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss is your premier destination for hormone pellet therapy treatments, offering decades of expertise through our patient-centric approach to care that prioritizes individual needs and concerns. At our practice, we believe in holding open and candid dialogues with patients in order to fully comprehend and create customized treatment plans specific to each condition they present with.

Years-long experience has shown our clinic to consistently produce impressive results, leaving our patients thrilled by their improved well-being. If you’re seeking hormone pellet therapy, contact us now and begin on this path toward revitalizing yourself!

How Can I Get BHRT?

Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eubank to find out how BHRT can help improve your life, health and well being!

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