Great Exercises for Busy People



With a full time job, kids, pets, a social life, errands to run, or any combination of those things, finding time to exercise can seem practically impossible– but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to set aside hours to get a workout in. Any time you spend moving is time well spent– whether that’s an hour, half an hour, or ten minutes. Here are some workouts you can do in limited time.

45 Minutes?

Look into fitness classes at your local gym. These classes usually have a strict timeline that they don’t go over, making it a great option to hold you accountable. If you can do it with a friend, a little bit of healthy competition can really drive your exercise further. 

30 Minutes?

Getting on a treadmill, elliptical, or bike while watching some television is a great way to get your heartrate up while doing something fun. It distracts you from the burn and gets you caught up on your favorite shows.

15 – 20 Minutes?

A strength-training circuit that alternates between intervals of intense activity and active recovery is the best way to use your limited time. It will help you build muscles in the most effective way possible. 

Multi-tasking is the answer! Pace while making important calls or answering emails on your phone. Another great way is to park further away from the entrance of a building, or take the stairs instead of using an elevator. 

Do you really have absolutely no free time? 

Then stand up. Work at your desk while standing for several minutes an hour. Set a reminder on your phone to hold yourself accountable and get your blood flowing. 

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