What Can Hormone Therapy Treat?




The Versatility of Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy (BHRT)

Bio-Idential Hormone Pellet therapy (BHRT) is a type of hormone therapy that can benefit a variety of issues that men and women alike face. As we age, we regularly experience a loss of hormones. This can lead to a number of issues that impact our daily lives. These issues can be as simple as low energy, or as complex as heart disease.


By undergoing BHRT, patients can experience relief from a number of issues, such as…

  • Improved sexual desire
  • Decreased frequency and strength or cessation of hot flashes and night sweats
  • Increased energy
  • Improved cognitive function (clearer thinking)
  • Improved sleep
  • Relief of vaginal dryness/painful intercourse
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Improved urinary function

  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Decreased heart disease
  • Improved blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduction of fat levels
  • Increased self-assurance and self-confidence
  • Improved mood and well-being
  • Improvement in skin, hair and/or nails
  • Reduction in migraine headaches

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy could be the solution to a problem you face, particularly if you are over the age of 40. To learn more about if BHRT is right for you, contact our dedicated staff today.

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