Healthier Modifications for Your Recipes


Enjoy Your Favorite Recipes with a Twist

The last few months of the year are known for their fatty dishes and sugary desserts, which is an especially stressful fact for those who have been dieting and experiencing great success throughout the year. If you are on a weight loss journey, you don’t have to totally miss out on your favorites. There are some substitutions you can make to some of your favorite dishes in order to get the flavor you want without the guilt. 

Cooking Substitutions

  • Stay away from frying foods. Baking, steaming, or grilling will bring a new dimension of flavor to your dish.
  • You don’t have to rely on high levels of sodium and butter for flavor. Turning to herbs and spices for more flavor will make a dish far more delicious.
  • When possible, substitute heavy cream for low-fat, skim, or plant-based milks.
  • Instead of relying on cream cheese, sour cream, or mayo, turn to Greek yogurt. It will bring the tang and moisture you need in far less calories (and with an added benefit of more vitamins!)

Beverage Substitutions

  • Instead of using sugary syrups to flavor your drinks, use extracts like vanilla, almond, and peppermint. These only require a few drops to pack a punch in your drink. You can also flavor your drinks with lemon or lime.
  • Use club soda or sparkling water instead of sugary drinks like sprite.
  • In dairy-based drinks, use lower fat milks (or plant milks) instead of heavy cream.
  • Cinnamon adds a holiday flavor to any drink.

Baking Substitutions

  • Instead of using butter or shortening, use applesauce, mashed banana, or pumpkin puree (just make sure you look up substitute proportions).
  • Skip adding candies and chocolate chips to your desserts– instead use dried fruit (or dark chocolate) for flavor.
  • Use a natural, lower-calorie substitute for sugar like Stevia.

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