Urinary incontinence affects millions of individuals worldwide, creating embarrassment and discomfort daily. From stress urinary incontinence (leaking during coughing or sneezing) to urge urinary incontinence (uncontrollable urges to urinate), its impacts can have severe ramifications for the quality of life. Yet, innovations such as the Emsella treatments available at Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, a premier Emsella for incontinence clinic TX, offer hope to those looking for relief from this condition.

Common Symptoms and Impact on Life

Urinary incontinence manifests itself in many different forms, from occasional leakage to involuntary urges to urinate. It can impact mobility, self-care abilities and well-being negatively, with anxiety-provoking leakage during physical activities or social interactions leading to limitations in daily life and potentially restricting activities of daily living.

How Emsella Can Help

Emsella, an innovative pelvic floor treatment approved by the FDA, provides targeted relief from urinary incontinence. By harnessing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, Emsella stimulates and strengthens pelvic floor muscles for significant improvements to symptoms; each session delivers thousands of muscle contractions to effectively retrain and reinvigorate them educationally and reinvigorate your pelvic floor muscles and make lasting change!

How It Works and Benefits

Painlessly and noninvasively, during an Emsella 25-minute session, patients sit fully clothed on their chairs as electromagnetic fields target pelvic floor muscles with electromagnetic fields. There’s no downtime and minimal to no side effects with this solution, which has shown 100% response rates in clinical studies – Emsella typically lasts 9-12 months after six sessions have been completed, often providing long-lasting relief!

Why Choose Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss

At Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, our expert team provides customized care plans tailored to each person’s needs. Under Dr. Dale Eubank’s direction, they ensure compassionate service with friendly support that ensures patients feel supported as they journey toward pelvic floor wellness. With years of expertise and an unwavering dedication to customer service excellence, Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss stands as a premier Emsella for incontinence clinic in TX.

Don’t let urinary incontinence affect your life! Take the first step toward regaining confidence and comfort by scheduling an appointment with Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss today!

Call our Corpus Christi location at (361) 906-1112 or the Portland location at (361) 977-2033.


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