Are you ready to welcome and embrace a new you with this innovative body sculpting treatment in Portland? Look no further than SculpSure at Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, our revolutionary FDA-cleared laser therapy designed to target stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. At our wellness center, we understand your desire for an ideal body, which is why SculpSure treatment at Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss offers this effective treatment, which is ideal for patients seeking effective body contouring without anesthesia or recovery times.

SculpSure provides a safe, proven, effective, and long-term solution to achieve your ideal body shape in only 15 minutes! This non-invasive procedure has the capacity to destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells permanently; results should become visible as early as six weeks and optimal results at 12 weeks; with no downtime required afterward, you can return immediately to daily activities without interruption; making SculpSure ideal even for busy lifestyles! Experience its comfort and effectiveness endorsed by Dr. Dale Eubank now to discover a happier, more confident you!

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