Emsella offers transformative results at our premier Emsella for incontinence clinic in TX, where we utilize advanced electromagnetic therapy to offer safe, rapid and cost-effective solutions to treat urinary incontinence. At Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, we understand the difficulty associated with urinary incontinence can have a dramatic effect on both physical and psychological well-being. Emsella treatments provide an advanced, noninvasive means to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control without surgery or pain. Patients relax comfortably in an ergonomic chair while electromagnetic fields target and stimulate pelvic floor muscles for targeted Kegel exercises. Emsella provides convenient and effective non-surgical alternatives that help significantly improve urinary incontinence while simultaneously rebuilding confidence and comfort levels. Sessions last only 25 minutes each with recommendations of two sessions every week over three weeks.

Emsella offers women dealing with urinary incontinence related to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or obesity an efficient solution. Not only can Emsella provide relief, but its use also benefits pelvic floor health while increasing your overall wellness. At our multifaceted practice, our holistic approach combines breathing instructions, diaphragm contraction monitoring, and additional movement exercises – so our patients experience maximum benefits from their therapy sessions. Emsella stands as an established method to alleviate urinary incontinence symptoms with FDA approval and minimal side effects reported by patients. Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss, your local Emsella incontinence clinic in Texas, aims to assist our patients without fear or inconvenience of incontinence – offering you a path towards leading an easier lifestyle with Emsella. Book your consultation today!


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