Why SculpSure is The Greatest Body Sculpting Procedure Since the Exerciser Belt

Just Another New Contraption?

When watching old videos depicting midcentury workout techniques, many people exclaim something along the lines, “How could they think that would work?!”

Often times the contraptions shown are bizarrely shaped and awkward to use, but most of the time the machines we’re puzzled over are the ones where it advertises losing weight without doing the grueling fat-burning, butt-busting workout standardized by the late 80’s and early 90’s infomercials.

Why aren’t they sweating and straining?

Why aren’t they crying and questioning if being toned is worth the agony?

And why can’t it be so simple?

Well, actually, it can.







FDA Approved SculpSure Burns Fat While Sitting


Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation offers a unique body sculpting procedure known as SculpSure, which reduces pockets of body fat to show off the muscle contours underneath – all while sitting down!

This light-based technology isn’t for losing significant amounts of weight. Instead, it’s there to melt stubborn fat deposits and show off the muscles underneath. For six to eight weeks, this 20-minute pain-free procedure uses light-based lasers to heat up and destroy those stubborn fatty deposits around the midsection and upper thighs. There is no damage done to the skin or underlying tissue, and your body will naturally process the destroyed cells by sending them out as waste product.

Unfortunately, the SculpSure treatment doesn’t vibrate like the exerciser belt, but feel free to enjoy a nice massage chair afterward to get the full experience!

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