SculpSure Vs. CoolSculpting

Which Procedure is Better for You?

Body Fat vs Weight Loss

Body fat has two key components, the amount of adipose (fat) tissue, and how large the adipose cells are that make up that mass of adipose tissue. Every human has some measure of body fat so that we can survive without having to eat constantly. And when we gain too many excess nutrients for our body to properly store, it has the ability to create more fat cells, which it will then proceed to store to capacity before making more. However, upon ridding ourselves of any stored excess adipose, the cells will shrink instead of dispersing. It’s similar to your body deciding that just because a community no longer lives in an area that there is no need to bulldoze perfectly good houses. Only when they have been left abandoned for a length of time does the body decide to clear out unused fat cells.

In today’s society of easily accessible fatty nutrients, it is extremely difficult to convince the body that these fat cells are no longer needed. That is where body-sculpting procedures come in handy. Although our body might not understand that the fatty deposits around the midsection and thighs are unnecessary, we understand that they need to go.

SculpSureFDA-Approved SculpSure is a Pain-Free Way to Lose That Bodyfat!

While there is a number of body sculpting procedures available, there are two known for their holistic, non-invasive approach: SculpSure and its predecessor, Cool Sculpting. As different as fire and ice, SculpSure uses a light-based heat process while Cool Sculpting focuses on freezing temperatures. Both use these methods as a way of destroying the unneeded fat cells so that they can be naturally absorbed and removed from the body. However, there are some key differences to take note of before deciding which treatment is right for you.








SculpSure vs. Cool Sculpting:

  • Clinical trials done for both SculpSure and Cool Sculpting show that SculpSure has a higher percentage of fat reduction.
  • Treatment times for SculpSure last an average of 25 minutes, where Cool Sculpting treatments can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.
  • During that time Cool Sculpting can only treat a single area where SculpSure can target four areas at once.
  • Costs are about the same, with SculpSure having a tendency to be a bit less costly.
  • See results with SculpSure in 6-12 weeks instead of the 3-6 months it will take with Cool Sculpting.
  • While neither requires anesthesia, Cool Sculpting uses suction to pull fatty tissue towards the treatment area and the cooling sensations are strong enough that the treatment area is known to go numb within 5-10 minutes. With SculpSure there is no suction and the only sensation reported is a slight tingling accompanied by a warmth that is regulated with contact cooling on the skin.
  • Cool Sculpture may result in swelling, extreme bruising, and/or nerve damage, while SculpSure does not cause lingering pain or burns.
  • While both promote no recovery time needed, Cool Sculpting places more strain on the body’s natural healing processes than does SculpSure.
  • Cool Sculpture is only FDA cleared, yet SculpSure is both FDA cleared and approved as a fat loss method.SculpSure

No matter which you choose, by destroying the fat cells within your body you are guaranteed lasting results so long as you remain active!

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