Maintain Weight Loss During the Holidays




Keep on Track With Your Weight Loss Goals

The holidays are the time of year we settle down with our loved ones. We enjoy our favorite traditions, but for many people on a weight loss journey, these traditions may be a little more stressful than usual. You love the holidays, but you don’t want to lose your progress.

But you don’t have to lose everything you’ve fought for. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the holiday season to keep yourself on track

Give yourself a free day

No matter what holiday you celebrate, allow yourself one day to indulge in all your favorites. Don’t feel guilty about this day, just allow yourself to drink and eat as you please, because depriving yourself if is the best way for you to spin out of control. For the rest of the holiday season, establish boundaries. Allow yourself a cookie here and there, but for the most part stick to your diet and exercise regimen. Eat what you please on this day, just don’t make yourself sick!

Make less restrictions about what you shouldn’t have and more rules about what you SHOULD have

Guilt is one of the best ways to make a diet fail. Guilting oneself about one’s favorite foods “works” for a short period of time, but will be more likely to lead you to to binge those foods at a later date. Instead of depriving yourself of your favorites, instead make a goal to eat a certain serving size of vegetables or fruits. Give yourself positive reinforcement for achieving these healthy food goals instead of punishing yourself for eating something you maybe “shouldn’t.”

Plan ahead

You know which day you’re going to allow yourself to indulge, so use the rest of the week to make up with that. One day isn’t going to throw off your plans completely, so eat well and exercise the rest of the week to make up for the upcoming day of indulgence. 

Make careful choices about your alcohol

Alcohol is one of those things we don’t realize how calorie-heavy they are until we actually look into it. Creamy eggnogs and hot chocolates are going to skyrocket your calorie count, so keep that in mind when selecting your path to imbibe. Choose a lower-calorie liquor like vodka and a diet mixer, or a simple glass of wine, to enjoy at your holiday festivities.  

Eat from a smaller plate

The saying “his eyes were bigger than his stomach” is really a thing for some people. When you have a large plate to put all your food on, you are more likely to overeat. Select a smaller plate for your holiday meal. You will select smaller portions and select the foods you actually want. Chances are, the smaller plate will fill you up plenty and will stop you from stuffing yourself like a turkey.

Don’t forget to move!

With how busy the holiday season is, it is all too easy to slip out of your exercise habits, but don’t let it happen! Make sure you keep up with some sort of exercise. Maybe you don’t have time to do your usual regimen, but you can make time for a walk with family or a short yoga video. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget your all-important exercise habits. 

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