Most of us know that fad diets are diets that make outrageous claims about losing weight in some insanely fast period of time. Many of these diets claim you don’t even need to exercise– you just follow a some “simple” steps, and the weight will fall right off.

Fad diets don’t identify themselves as that, so it’s up to you to figure that out. If a diet makes unbelievable claims of speedy/easy weight loss, claims you do not need exercise, requires you to eliminate whole food groups, and insists that certain foods need to be “correctly combined” for proper digestion, it is most definitely a fad diet. Will you lose weight on a fad diet? Maybe. But once the diet is over and you return to old habits, you will gain it right back.

Successful weight loss is based around sustainable exercise and diet plans– it should be a lifestyle change, not something you do for a handful of weeks to knock off some stubborn weight. On our resources section, we have compiled a number of ways you can more easily create a healthier lifestyle, including:

Don’t use fad diets– create a healthier lifestyle the right way. Read through our resources heading for more food and exercise tips, and work with us to reach these goals.

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