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ThermiSmooth™ Skin Care in Corpus Christi, Texas

Keeping your skin looking young under the Texas sun can be a real challenge. With Texas having an overall high solar index, UV rays are constantly beaming down on the multi-colored skin tones of Texas inhabitants. While it is true that melanin does protect against UV rays, it is usually able to protect more from UVB rays instead of UVA. UVA rays from the sun penetrate deep into skin’s middle layer (the dermis), which contains elastic tissue known as collagen that helps to keep the skin stretchy. Therefore, too much sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin no matter your color as the dermis tissue underneath is damaged. Wrinkles, discoloration, and toughening of the skin are all symptoms of prolonged sun exposure.

Your Skin Versus the Texas Sun

happyppl4 ThermiSmooth is a skin care treatment used for improving the appearance of again skin. Thanks to Dr. Eubanks, Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation is proud to offer this non-invasive procedure to the Southern Texas community. ThermiSmooth uses radiofrequency to heat the skin and stimulate the natural production of collagen, the skin’s underlying support structure, to improve its overall quality and appearance. Though in rare cases swelling and redness will occur, overall ThermiSmooth is a pain-free, 30-minute procedure likened to a hot stone massage that allows you to go right back to your day with no downtime.


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“I have struggled with under eye bags forever, a hereditary gift from my dad. I have tried so many different things to help alleviate this. I was hesitant to try the ThermiSmooth treatment as other RF treatments didn’t do too much in the past. Right after I noticed some swelling, but it subsided within an hour or [so] and I noticed a tightening unprecedented with other things I have tried.I feel more confident at work, younger and I think I can see it getting better as the days go on.” review














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