Keeping Slim During the Holidays

◊   Know When to Drink and When Not to Drink

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated this holiday season by drinking plenty of water. Also, many alcoholic drinks contain a high level of sugars and calories, so be sure to limit the number of tasty cocktails you imbibe.














◊   Control Risk of Temptation

During the holidays it can feel as though you have little control over the food being presented to you and when! But there are ways to take control. In order to do this, follow these keys steps:

  • Never go to a party hungry.

  • Give most of your sugary, sweet, and fatty foods away as gifts.

  • Having a party where everyone is bringing a dish? Bring your own healthy option!

  • Remember the 3-bite rule: use bite one to savor the food, bite two to enjoy the food, and bite three to appreciate the food. Then eat!














◊   Party Etiquette

With that large spread of delicious holiday food set out on the side of the dance floor, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. So, do the healthy thing and DON’T ignore it! Make sure to peruse and scout the buffet before grabbing anything to eat, then, once you’ve made your selections, focus on socializing instead of the buffet table.














◊   One Thing At a Time

Although it can be difficult, the most important rule of any holiday season is to not let it be an excuse to skip your normal workout routine. When things become too hectic, just remember to focus on one healthy habit at a time and that taking time for yourself doesn’t have to mean eating seasonal treats.














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