How to Exercise Safely in the Winter


Stay Safe When you Exercise Outdoors this Winter

While Southern Texas doesn’t hit the lowest temperatures, we certainly have our share of frigid, winter days. As the colder months hit, many start to feel they can no longer exercise outdoors, which can be detrimental to their weight loss journey. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some tips on how you can exercise safely outdoors this winter.

Wear the right clothes

One of the main reasons people stop exercising outside in the winter is because of the cold weather. You can combat the cold by dressing in layers. Whether you simply need a sweatshirt or a series of vests and jackets, dressing in layers will keep you warm during your outdoor activity. Don’t forget to wear layers that repel water, as getting wet is the fastest way to make you feel cold.

Put on bright colors

With the colder temperatures comes the longer nights and higher cloud coverage. If you find a majority of your exercise will have to take place at darker times of the day, wear bright/reflective clothing to cars, cyclists, and other runners can see you at a distance. Consider even purchasing blinking lights or flashlights. This will keep you safe all your round.

Wear the right footwear

With higher chances or rain and even ice, you need to be careful that you wear shoes with proper traction so you don’t slip and hurt yourself. Make sure you keep to well-maintained roads for further safety, and if ice is a great concern, consider purchasing snow/ice spikes for your running shoes.


You should warm up before any exercise, but especially in cold weather. Colder weather increases chances of sprains and risks. It is crucial you warm up your body properly so not to risk injury. It also promotes proper blood flow and a higher body temperature, which will help you all around as you exercise outdoors.

Breathe properly

Because of the colder, drier air, our nasal passages narrow, which can make for labored breathing. Try to take fuller breaths through your nose, as those are normally more humid. If it is still too dry, wrap a bandana, scarf, or mask around your mouth and nose to trap water vapor in.

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