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Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy (or BHRT) is a procedure men and women alike can turn to in order to treat any number of problems. When someone gets a BHRT treatment, they aren’t lacing their bodies with unfamiliar chemicals. The pellets are derived from hormones our bodies produce every day. It is safe, effective, and yields long-lasting results.

Over the past few decades, pellet therapy has increased in popularity across the world. When compared to other hormone therapies, it is clear why this is the case.

Pills and topical applications of hormones may do something for the user, but the results are limited and short-lived. Many are only effective for a just a few hours, giving the patient only brief relief. BHRT, on the other hand, is effective for up to four months. By placing the pellet under the patient’s skin, the hormones are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and can provide patients with a longer-lasting, more complete treatment.

When one goes to a medical facility for treatment, no one wants a treatment that is short lived. They want results that last. When patients come to Advanced Wellness for treatment, they can be confident they are experiencing safe treatments that really work.

For a list of conditions bio-identical hormones can treat, visit our page on bio-identical hormone therapy.

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