One of the most frustrating things about belly fat is how much it clings. Because our abdomens carry and support nearly all of our vital organs, our body’s first priority is to use fatty deposits as a cushion and a supply of nutrients in order to ensure that they are well fed and cared for. Therefore, when losing weight, your body will take away from your abdominal section last. To put it in other words, it will prioritize your abdominal fat as more vital that fatty deposits in other areas of the body. In addition, if your workout routine isn’t providing the amount of physical assertion needed for your body to decide that it is time to eat away at your stomach fat, then it may be time for an alternative solution.

A Non-invasive and Holistic Approach

bodysculpting3smallThe most renowned fat-reduction procedure has to be liposuction. However, the crude, invasive methods employed by liposuction experts can cause spotty results and occasionally painful complications. Thankfully there is an alternative; non-invasive SculpSure works under the same principles as liposuction, only it stimulate’s the body’s natural immune system, having it do the work of removing unnecessary pockets of body fat instead of a vacuum and metal tube. Because our body dislikes breaking up fatty deposits in the abdominal area, it can take human intervention to begin that process. Just like with liposuction, SculpSure uses non-invasive methods to break down those stubborn fatty deposits. However, unlike liposuction, where this is just a preliminary procedure, SculpSure uses their advanced light-based technology to break down these deposits and heat the surrounding area, stimulating the body’s auto-immune reaction so that it process the now broken-down fatty deposits out of the body.

Weightloss vs. Body Sculpting

Although both of these procedures do seem like a tempting option compared to stabilizing your diet and setting up a regular plan of physical activity, neither SculpSure nor liposuction is meant to be a weight loss solution. If you’re in need of a lifestyle change that works against the positive and negative feedback loops that stimulate your inclination to gain instead of losing weight, consider our Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. Designed to work with your body’s natural inclinations, the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program is designed to facilitate that needed lifestyle change in as gentle and effective a way as possible.

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